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From transhumanism to pre-Columbian civilizations to Fifty Shades of Bigfoot, the guys discuss the biggest paranormal news stories of the past week. Stump Skeptic Mike and more!

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In 1943, at the height of World War II the US Navy used Albert Einstein's Unified Field Theory to render the USS Eldridge, docked in Philadelphia Harbor, invisible to German U-Boats. In the process, the skeleton crew aboard were at best driven mad and at worst literally, physically melded into the bulkhead of the ship. These are the bizarre claims at the heart of the Philadelphia Experiment. Tonight we discuss the myths, the legends and the facts surrounding one of the strangest war stories in US history. Also, Doug Hogate, Jr stops by the tells us what the J.U.M.P.S. team has been up to and hits us with some Breaking News about an upcoming investigation involving Paradelphia Radio, we debut a new segment called Stump Skeptic Mike and more!!

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"You only live once" or "YOLO" has recently become a popular catch phrase with the idea being to motivate ourselves and our loved ones to take chances and live our lives to the fullest because we only get one shot at experienceing the gift of life. But is that really the case? Michele Granberg, Director for The Center for Relaxation and Healing at Plainsboro says that we all have been here many times before. As a Level II Certified Past Life Regression Therapist Michele has regressed thousands of people back to lives lead decades or even centuries ago and she recently stopped by the Toxic Studios to talk to us about her research, case studies and more.

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Jersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society (J.U.M.P.S.) Founder Doug Hogate, Jr and Senior Investigator Melissa Dark stop by to talk about their adventures ghost hunting around the Delaware Valley and some exciting opportunities on the horizon for the group in 2014.

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Rick Prewitt welcomes Dave Nelson, host of The D&A Show to the broadcast to riff on recent paranormal/bizarre new stories including a Bigfoot shooting, reincarnation and the Viking apocalypse.

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Susan Bove, founder and lead investigator with South Jersey Paranormal Research talks about her organization, her favorite haunts and introduces some of their best examples of electronic voice phenomena (EVP).

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