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Members of the Jersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society stop by for a rare, informative and at time hilarious in-studio guest appearance. Doug Hogate, BJ Hoffman, Tiffany Hoffman and Kelly Roncace chat about the field of paranormal investigation, the best TV "ghost shows" and update everyone the JUMPS team Gettysburg investigation that wrapped up last week (or so they thought until weird things started happening to team members in their homes!).....Stump Skeptic Mike tries to get back on the horse and MORE!!

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After a 2 week hiatus the guys are BACK with para news coverage of phantom smoke rings, pregnant planets, djinn trees, Skeptic Mike's streak, JUMPS in Gettysburg and more!!

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Lists are the theme this week. The guys discuss predicted scientific breakthroughs coming in the 21st century, rare psychological disorders and top conspiracy theories. Skeptic Mike goes for 5 in a row after calling out girls taking psych classes and more!!

Ladies, please direct your hatemail to's that kind of show!!

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