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Michele Granberg, Director for The Center for Relaxation and Healing at Plainsboro returns to discuss past life regression therapy and the results of her recent PLR workshop attended by Paradelphia's own Rick Prewitt. Michele also touches on different techniques employed by therapists to reach into the subconscious mind and find remnants of our past lives. Also, paranormal news of the week including Star Wars tech come to life, the nature of reality and why Mike won't be making many friends among AARP members. Rock for Paws around the corner, Stump Skeptic Mike and more!!

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GUESTS!!! WE HAVE GUESTS!! Due to a cosmic turn of events the guys are joined this week by Toxic Network's own Dave "Full Nelson" Nelson and Desirae DePrince. Together our heroes and heroine (not the drug, you idiot!) tackle subjects including (but not limited to) a real life "Blair Witch", America's answer to Stonehenge, the nature of consciousness and how watching Nic Cage movies could be hazardous to your health (as if you didn't already know that!). Stump Skeptic Mike BELATED MOTHER'S DAY EDITION, Potty Mouth Des talks about her creepy original fiction stories and more!!

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