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All things furry, feathered and slithering are the stars of this week's show as we talk with animal psychic/communicator Sharon O'Brien who discusses how everyone has the ability to communicate with thier pets. Sharon goes over some of the best communication techniques and relates stories from her life dedicated to better understanding our four legged friends. Also, the guys touch on some animal related paranormal news stories including gators in the sewer and an island infested with venomous snakes. Rick has a UFO encounter, Stump Skeptic Mike and more!!


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Doug Hogate & Melissa Dark of Jersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society stop by to update the guys on recent J.U.M.P.S. investigations including a 300 year old Salem County residence with a history of terrorizing homeowners. Paranormal news of the week including Nazi monsters, precognative dreams and genetically altered babies. Skeptic Mike takes on J.U.M.P.S and more!!

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All dressed up for a BRAND NEW episode!! Rick & Mike explore the hottest paranormal news stories of the week including how the moon was formed, Alaska's bigfoot, giant killer sea creatures and sounds from the bowels of hell!! A new, interactive twist on Stump Skeptic Mike, plans for our Halloween show and more!!

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Paradelphia Radio is officially of drinking age.....21 episodes......and to celebrate Nick Abrams of Toxics Network's premier gaming podcast Joystick Jerks joins the guys (bottle of JD in hand!) to talk all thing extraterrestrial with special guest paranormal researcher, owner/operator of Aliens-The Truth website and alien abductee Chris Augustin. Chris talks about some fairly recent local sightings here in South Jersey, the governments (lack of) response to the UFO enigma and his own personal experience of missing time and alien abduction that left the guys speechless. Real life super heroes & wildmen in our national forests in the news, Skeptic Mike takes on Joystick Jerk Nick in a special SSM and more!!

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