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Paradelphia REBOOTS this week as Toxic Mike has gone to graze in other pastures. Joining the show are JUMPS founder Doug Hogate and "Jerk" Nick Abrams. Hogate and Abrams pop thier Para-cherry this week by co-hosting a show dedicated to recent strange news stories including a woman with half a brain, human flesh burgers and Chinese parents giving thier life's blood to help our their underacheiving kids. Nick debuts his new (as yet un-named) segment where he tells us all about the supernatural in pop culture and media. First up........a review of George C. Scott's 1980 chiller "The Changling". 

News of Paradelphia's upcoming 1 year anniversary, JUMPS & Jerks updates and much more!!



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13 years ago the US was attacked in one of the most shocking, vile ways imaginable. The government quickly told us who was to blame and for over a decade we've focused our revenge and our tanks and bombs on targets like Al Qaeda......but are there others to blame for that atrocity? Others closer to home? Possibly in our own government? This week Toxic Mike and Rick debate various 9/11 conspiracies and try to hash out just how likely it is that maybe.......just maybe we're not looking for the REAL terrorists at all!! Paranormal news includes a hot monk, the Jack the Ripper case solved and Skeptic Mike goes for 2 in a row......and much more!!



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Doug Hogate, Kelly Roncace and Mellie DeVault from Jersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society (J.U.M.P.S.) sit in with the guys to talk all things strange and supernatural including Stonehenge, drug paraphernalia of the ancients and computer enhanced telepathy. Also, a startling revelation from a Paradelphia show regular, Skeptic Mike takes on all comers in this weeks paranormal news headline throwdown and more!!!

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