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BREAKING NEWS....The CDC has just announced that listening to this weeks ALL NEW Paradelphia could.....their words, not ours......COULD stave off the effects of the deadly Ebola virus that has to date killed less people than manhole covers and grilled cheese sandwiches. This week S&D Paranormal's Sara Lowell, Dawn Gibson & Julian Carroll stop by to talk all things ghost hunting, dowsing rods, EVPs and how Julian gets all choked up by his live in ghost. Paranormal news includes crazy clowns, fast food in space and possible proof that we're all just pawns in somone's PS4 game. Nicks ParaPick this week is a "keeper", JUMPS & Jerks news and more!!

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The scarecrow is stuffed and hanging, the pumpkin is carved and the creatures of the night are running amok on this weeks episode as Jay Wasley, head audio tech from Travel Channel's hit show Ghost Adventures stops by the Toxic Network studio to talk GA Season 10, update us on his upcoming film projects and join the gang and guest host Kelly Roncace discussing paranormal news of the week including pigeon cavity searches, new moons and life after death. Nicks Para Pick is "out of this world" and much more!!


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