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Justin Leach, President of RCGC Ghost Chasers talks about his experiences putting together a ghost hunting team with his fellow co-eds at Rowan College at Gloucester County, some of the group's most interesting investigations and what the future holds as they look to expand over the coming year. Paranormal news of the week includes a possible game changer from Area 51, waking up in a morgue, a true natural gas alternative to oil, are we all just looking through a complex version of the Oculus Rift, Doug explains Ghost Appraisals and more!!


RCGC Ghost Chasers


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Robert Schneck, contributor to Fate Magazine, Fortean Times and author of The President's Vampire and Mrs. Wakeman vs the Antichrist stops by to talk about   strange and bizarre true life stories from American history including crazy 19th century prophets, elusive figures terrorizing the city of Baltimore, a possible origin for Bram Stoker's Dracula, autodecapitants and much more!! Flying solo this week Rick reads the paranormal news of the week and a big change for the Toxic Network.


The President's Vampire

Mrs. Wakeman vs the Antichrist

Historian of the Strange (Facebook)


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In some families traits like hair color and attached earlobes are passed on from parent to child. This week we talk with Jean Durkin and her daughter Haley Cook who both possess the ability of psychic mediumship. Jean and Haley discuss what life is like when you can see and hear visitors from the other side and then give a live on-air reading to Paradelphia's contest winner Lindsay Cline. Nick's Para Pick is turning Japanese, Doug becomes a ghost appraiser and we flashback to an interview that was out of this world!

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Over the past year we've discussed some wild topics but this weeks episode is by far one of the craziest. Author Charles McFadden stop by the Toxic Network studios to discuss the book he co-wrote with his wife Danijela Kracun, Conversations with a Light Being: A Guide to Being Peaceful on a Confused Planet in which he describes interactions he's had with two different inter-dimensional beings from another planet. Among other things the beings he calls Red and Krill talk about who they are, how there are untold numbers of entities across the universe and how we Earthlings are being constantly visited by these entities who look at us as "alien pets". As hard to believe as this might be, the most interesting part of the interview was that the longer we talked, the more the information passed on by Red & Krill tied together a number of paranormal phenomena and believe it or not, started to make sense! If you're into the paranormal, ghosts, aliens, space portals.....even Bigfoot........THIS is the episode you NEED TO LISTEN TO!! Also, our weekly rundown of the strangest paranormal news and much more!!


Conversations with a Light Being: A Guide to Being Peaceful on a Confused Planet


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