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For the final episode of 2014 Rick & Doug discuss a multitude of topics including a new take on reincarnation, a mystery involving Richard Simmons and possibly Paradelphia's own Nick Abrams, the truth behind a Dicken's holiday classic, freaky Christmas monsters of Europe, medium Jean Durkin does it again and.......wait for it...........wait for it............the return of TOXIC SKEPTIC MIKE to Paradelphia (spoiler: he's still a skeptic). Nick phones in his weekly ParaPick (literally) and much more!!



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On the heels of getting a March 2015 Video-On-Demand distribution deal for his first feature film, Deadly Gamble, local writer/director/producer Mario Cerrito stops by to talk about his next project currently in pre-production, a horror film called The Listing. Para-News includes an update on the Baltic Sea "anomoly", near death visitations and how we may now be just a short step from living in the world envisioned in the movie Minority Report. Rick has a bone to pick with Doug over an undelivered message and even Toxic Mike stops by.....sort of. 


The Listing


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For the first time in over a month the whole Paradelphia crew is in the house as Nick Abrams returns with a "dark" Para-Pick and a story about stolen brains. The gang also discusses mind reading menus, overly religious near death experiences and the truth behind some of the world's best known fairy tales. JUMPS stuffs a bus and much more!!


Jersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society

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