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The guys wrap up January with news about a liar who'll now never get into heaven, mysterious alien signals, a déjà vu time loop and NASA finding a Beagle on Mars. Nicks Parapick is served with chianti and farva beans, a new show segment and more!!



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The guys tackle the latest paranormal news topic including a new Y2K like threat, why Seattle stinks....literally and the story of a man trapped for 12 years in his own mind. Nick's Parapick takes us back to a classic sci-fi series that might be making a comeback, the latest JUMPS investigation and more!!

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The new year kicks off with Rick and Doug welcoming back Nick "Parapick" Abrams as well as Doug's lovely wife, Melissa discussing near death experiences, personal ghostly encounters, time travelers, some of the biggest mysteries of the past year. Rick makes this weeks Parapick, a recent JUMPS/Jean Durkin investigation and more!!



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