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This week Rick, Doug and special in-studio guest, medium Jean Durkin explore the roots of Paradelphia with tales of strange happenings in and around the Philadelphia/South Jersey area. Items discussed include the Blue Hole in Atco, hauntings in Eastern State Penitentiary and Fort Delaware (Doug's white whale!), the mystery of Catawba village and more! Jean also wows listeners with impromptu readings both personal and about some of the local haunts. Paranews includes a strange video that went viral last week that might just prove life after death, why it wasn't a good idea to eavesdrop during the Middle Ages and the story of how one woman cured a host of diseases and didn't even know it.


Jean Durkin


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It's been known as The Devil's Board and the Talking Board but is best known as the Ouija Board and this week we put it to the test! With Sara Lowell and Summer Best of S & D Paranormal monitoring the room, Doug, Nick, Skeptic Mike and even Linda Lopez, Doug's mom try their luck using the board to speak with the other side. What or who do they find answering them back?? Also, paranews includes stories of a giant cover-up, a reincarnated child, a soul collector shows up during a terrorist act and what might be the best pickup line we've ever heard. Nick returns with a musical Parapick and more!!

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Have we been here before? Do we carry our hope, dreams and soul mates from lifetime to lifetime? This week Michele Granberg, Director of The Center for Relaxation and Healing in Plainsboro (NJ) drops by to talk about reincarnation and discuss the recent past life regression sessions she did with host Rick Prewitt and his fiancée, Taryn Sobrado.  Paranews includes possible head transplants in the near future, alien life on the moons of Saturn and the Lost City of the Monkey God. Jean Durkin talks to Dr. Oz, Rick & Doug at the premier of "The Staring Man" and more!!
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Rachel Hoffman, lead investigator and forensic specialist for Paranormal Xpeditions and self described Christian witch stops by to tell us how she makes that seemingly contradictory lifestyle work and how it benefits her while on paranormal investigations. Paranews this week includes Nazi bases in the Antarctic, South American exorcist cops and how you can take Kanye West's mother to heaven (no, you didn't misread that). Nicks "prophetic" Parapick, an impromptu dream analysis by Doug's wife, the winner of the Toxic Network app contest might just be a chicken and more!!

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