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We've all seen them....puffy white streaks criss crossing the blue skies overhead. This week's guest, Suzanne Maher is an activist and creator of the popular Facebook group Bye Bye Blue Sky. She says those interesting streaks and odd cloud formations aren't so innocent. According to Maher they are nothing less than tell tale signs of how our government is using us all as human guinea pigs in an attempt to control the weather and crop yields by spraying the skies full of harmful chemicals. Paranews stories include drinking dinosaur pee, how Hitler might have survived WWII and 10 mind blowing theories about how to percieve the world around you. Kelly Roncace, author of Paranormal Corner in the SJ Times joins us to talk about the Charlie Charlie Challenge and more!!


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 From The Walking Dead to Plants vs Zombies reanimated corpses are hotter these days than a Kardashian working at a car wash. This week Ian McClellan, author and contributor to Zombie Guide Magazine joins us to talk about prepping for the zombie apocolypse. Paranews includes a haunted Indiana road, sightings of humans on Mars, proof of parallel universes, a ship lost in the Bermuda Triangle is found....90 years later and more!!


Zombie Guide Magazine

"One Undead Step" by Ian McClellan

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In the early 1800's a family in rural Tennessee was terrorized by an entity that was part poltergeist, part shapeshifter and part demon. Depicted in the 2005 film "An American Haunting" starring Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek, the Bell Witch haunting has gone down in history as one of the strangest, most active and most dangerous paranormal events of all time. Pat Fitzhugh stops by to discuss his book "The Bell Witch: The Full Account" which details the whole terrifying story of what happened to the Bell family and continues to happen to this very day. Paranews includes turning chickens into dinosaurs, killer asteroids coming this year, a past life leads to a murder confession and more!!!


Pat Fitzhugh


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When most people hear about someone drinking blood they think Gary Oldman battling Keeanu Reeves or the demons from 30 Days of Night. This week we welcome Michelle Navarette, tatoo artist, tax paying resident of the state of California and drinker of multiple pints of blood on a daily basis. What drives this habit, how does she feel being called a "modern vampire" and how had this lifesyle affected her family and career? Paranews includes a possible entrance to hell, the plot to feminize Hitler, a Cinco de Mayo celebration that includes Roswell aliens and more!!



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