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On the heels of a monster summer storm this week, after our scheduled guest went MIA, we run an audible and do a classic show filled with Paranews including a bridge where dogs commit suicide, pyramids on Mars, a house stalker in North Jersey, ball cutter fish, creepy burials, haunted eBay items and Doug recounts his experience being struck by lightening. JUMPS news, more evidence Rick's house is haunted and more!!


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Near death experiences. Being saved from the bowels of Hell. These are the ultimate second chances and this week's guest is one of the fortunate few to have experienced both. Pastor Howard Storm stops by to talk about his book "My Descent Into Death" where he describes a near death experience he had almost 40 years ago where he first languished in Hell being tortured by demons but then was ultimately saved by a figure he recognized as Jesus Christ. What knowledge and insight did Pastor Storm bring back from the brink? Also, Paranews includes Russians questioning the US moon landing, mushroom clouds portending the start of World War III and more!!


Howard Storm

"My Descent Into Death" by Howard Storm

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This week we're all about the new independent horror film "Apparition". We have co-writers Pete Cafero and Andy Kayros here talking about the thrills and challenges of watching their creation come to life on screen. We also talk with two of the stars of the movie who made that vision a reality Lili Bordan and Jody Quigley. Paranews includes possible armegeddon and America's first family of serial killers.


Apparition (movie)

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There are many kinds of heroes in this world from soldiers to firefighters to the everyday working Joe or Jane making ends meet for his/her family. But what about in the paranormal realms? This week's guest during Hour 1 is comic book hero, actor, wrestler, entrepreneur Brimstone who discusses his Brimstone and the Borderhounds comic series as well as his take on subjects like the paranormal and superstitions. During Hour 2 things get intense as Brenda Harned and Anita Wood of Elsinboro, NJ discuss thier interactions with the spirit of a close friend name Dale who passed away just under a year ago. Paradelphia's own Rick Prewitt and Doug Hogate, along with psychic medium Jean Durkin and SJ Times reporter Kelly Roncace recently investigated the house where the spirit encounters are taking place. The evidence collected during that investigation, both psychic and audio/video, will leave little doubt that love truly does survive beyond the material world. Paranews includes new scientific proof that our consciousness really does create our reality, a shocking prediction about Paradelphia's content producer Jennabee Keen and more!!


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