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Over the past year psychic medium Jean Durkin has been a great friend of our show, answering the call on multiple occasions to come on air and give us her unique perspective based on her abilty to touch the other side. The week it's actually Jean who requested airtime so that she might get a message out to all of our listeners. A message from the other side of hope, change and inspiration that affects every one of us. Also this week Paranews includes metal-head sharks, Facebook crossing a line and more!


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This week we're joined by Michael Menkin, webmaster of two websites dedicated to informing the public of the ever present threat of alien abduction. According to Menkin the nefarious ET's use telepathy before, during and after these abductions to control thier victims. The good news is that you can make yourself immune to these alien brainwaves by creating your own "thought screen helmet" as described on his "Stop Abductions" website. Paranews this week includes a possible real life Creature of the Black Lagoon, more evidence we're all living in a computer simulation and more!! 

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The materialistic world view has taken quite a few hits recently and this week Rachel Hoffman (Paranormal Xpeditions) returns to take it down another peg as she explains the 100th Monkey Effect and how it just might prove the existence of the collective unconscious. Doug discusses his recent investigation at the home of Toxic Radio personalities Whitney Peyton and Gabriella Meghan. Paranews includes stories of Lady Gaga hiring personal demonologist, robot weddings, a Mississippi ghost hunting crew finds more than they bargained for, an announcement of a huge addition to the Toxic Radio family and more!!


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