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It's something we all do every night but rarely remember. Dreaming. What are dreams? Why do we recall so little of them? Do our passed loved ones really visit us as we sleep? Can you actually take control of your dreams while you're having them? This week we are joined by dream interpreter/Reiki master/artist Mary Barnett who sheds some light on these mysteries and more. Mary is also joined by psychic/medium Jean Durkin and together the two form a "dream team" as they explore questions of consciousness and what part the "other side" plays in the nocturnal adventures of our minds. Paranews of the week and more!!


Mary Barnett's Art Discovery ( article)

Jean Durkin

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As the chill of fall turns to the cold of early winter the Paradelphia crew gathers to wax poetic about the latest paranormal news including how what comes out of black holes might be debris from other dimensions, a perpetual energy machine, how the US government poisoned Prohibition era booze and Doug explains his obsession with investigating Ft. Delaware.


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This week we welcome back Rachel Hoffman of Paranormal Xpeditions to discuss "Freetown", the group's award winning documentary on the mysterious tract of land in Massachusetts called the Freetown State Forest that seems to attract monsters, human and otherwise, as well as other projects the gals of PXP have cooking. Paranews includes pizza oven UFOs in the UK, new research into terminal lucidity, a wrap-up of the past month of live shows and more!!


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