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Some of the strongest bonds we forge in life are with our pets and when that bond is broken it can be soul crushing. that bond ever really broken? Animal communication expert Sharon O'Brien joins us this week to talk about a wide range of topics including pet reincarnation and how animals are constantly trying to communicate with us.....even after they've passed on. Paranews includes a town that can't stay awake, mining gold from human waste, killer Nazi cows and the craziest news story in Paradelphia history.


Sharon O'Brien - Pet Communicator


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All things furry, feathered and slithering are the stars of this week's show as we talk with animal psychic/communicator Sharon O'Brien who discusses how everyone has the ability to communicate with thier pets. Sharon goes over some of the best communication techniques and relates stories from her life dedicated to better understanding our four legged friends. Also, the guys touch on some animal related paranormal news stories including gators in the sewer and an island infested with venomous snakes. Rick has a UFO encounter, Stump Skeptic Mike and more!!


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