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The scarecrow is stuffed and hanging, the pumpkin is carved and the creatures of the night are running amok on this weeks episode as Jay Wasley, head audio tech from Travel Channel's hit show Ghost Adventures stops by the Toxic Network studio to talk GA Season 10, update us on his upcoming film projects and join the gang and guest host Kelly Roncace discussing paranormal news of the week including pigeon cavity searches, new moons and life after death. Nicks Para Pick is "out of this world" and much more!!


Ghost Adventures


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Lists are the theme this week. The guys discuss predicted scientific breakthroughs coming in the 21st century, rare psychological disorders and top conspiracy theories. Skeptic Mike goes for 5 in a row after calling out girls taking psych classes and more!!

Ladies, please direct your hatemail to's that kind of show!!

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In the Pine Barrens of South Jersey tales of the Jersey Devil have been told and retold for over 300 years. Sightings of a horse-headed, cloven hooved monster lurking around every bend, leaving odd footprints in the snow and scaring the bejesus out of generations of school kids echo through the oral traditions of the entire region. Teenagers trekking through the deep, dark pine forest on a double dare to see who's brave enough to seek out the old Leeds house, reputed birthplace of the creature, have become a right of passage. Are these just old wives tales told by locals or is truth stranger than fiction? In this episode I talk with author Bill Sprouse about his book The Domestic Life of the Jersey Devil, or BeBop's Miscellany. Currently living and writing in Mexico City, Bill spent his formative years not only growing up in South Jersey but rife with the knowledge that he is, indeed, a direct decendant of none other than the hideous Jersey Devil himself!! Get the real story behind the legend.....right from the horse-headed demons to speak.

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