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Jeff Scott Cole, author of Ghostly Encounters: Confessions of a Paranormal Investigator stops by to talk about how he went from paranormal TV fan to full fledges paranormal investigator. Having explored some of the country's most notorious haunted locations, Jeff describes best practices, equipment and some of his most unnerving experiences. Paranews includes an ancient ocean under Chesapeake Bay, a giant cover-up by the Smithsonian Institute, the most haunted doll in Florida and more!!


Ghostly Encounters: Confessions of a Paranormal Investigator

Toxic Radio

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We begin our Octoberfest of Madness with our only in studio show of the month featuring guests from two of the Delaware Valley's biggest haunted historical attractions. Lisa Rysinger of the Harrison Twp Historical Society discusses next weekend's Mullica Hill Ghost Walk where participants tour noteworthy downtown locations searching for apparitions and legends of the past. Then Kenny Wittwer, Attractions Manager and actor at Eastern State Penitentiary's "Terror Behind the Walls" stops by to talk about the infamous prison, it's most well known inmates and the legendary hauntings that have made the place a "must visit" location of nearly every paranormal investigation group for the past 10 years. Paranews includes a Russian looking for eternal life in ancient bacteria, the connection between ET's and a primitive African tribe and more!!


Eastern State Penitentiary - Terror Behind the Walls

Mullica Hill Ghost Walk

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This week we're all about the new independent horror film "Apparition". We have co-writers Pete Cafero and Andy Kayros here talking about the thrills and challenges of watching their creation come to life on screen. We also talk with two of the stars of the movie who made that vision a reality Lili Bordan and Jody Quigley. Paranews includes possible armegeddon and America's first family of serial killers.


Apparition (movie)

Toxic Radio

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There are many kinds of heroes in this world from soldiers to firefighters to the everyday working Joe or Jane making ends meet for his/her family. But what about in the paranormal realms? This week's guest during Hour 1 is comic book hero, actor, wrestler, entrepreneur Brimstone who discusses his Brimstone and the Borderhounds comic series as well as his take on subjects like the paranormal and superstitions. During Hour 2 things get intense as Brenda Harned and Anita Wood of Elsinboro, NJ discuss thier interactions with the spirit of a close friend name Dale who passed away just under a year ago. Paradelphia's own Rick Prewitt and Doug Hogate, along with psychic medium Jean Durkin and SJ Times reporter Kelly Roncace recently investigated the house where the spirit encounters are taking place. The evidence collected during that investigation, both psychic and audio/video, will leave little doubt that love truly does survive beyond the material world. Paranews includes new scientific proof that our consciousness really does create our reality, a shocking prediction about Paradelphia's content producer Jennabee Keen and more!!


Hound Comics


Paranormal Corner

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In the early 1800's a family in rural Tennessee was terrorized by an entity that was part poltergeist, part shapeshifter and part demon. Depicted in the 2005 film "An American Haunting" starring Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek, the Bell Witch haunting has gone down in history as one of the strangest, most active and most dangerous paranormal events of all time. Pat Fitzhugh stops by to discuss his book "The Bell Witch: The Full Account" which details the whole terrifying story of what happened to the Bell family and continues to happen to this very day. Paranews includes turning chickens into dinosaurs, killer asteroids coming this year, a past life leads to a murder confession and more!!!


Pat Fitzhugh


Toxic Radio

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Did your secret crush trash your flower arrangement? Did that secret someone hit on your best friend at the company happy hour? Fear not Broken Heart Club....for you have an all new Paradelphia to get you through this post Valentine's Day week featuring our special guest from the long running TV show Ghost Hunters, Bruce Tango. Bruce, a highly decorated retired police officer, stops by to chat about some paranormal experiences he had on the job and to promote The Staring Man, a soon to be released documentary film about ghostly visitations he had as a child. Paranormal news this week includes thoughts that kill, creepy kids and bee peer pressure. Nicks Parapick is out of this world, a friend of the show goes Hollywood and more!!

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Justin Leach, President of RCGC Ghost Chasers talks about his experiences putting together a ghost hunting team with his fellow co-eds at Rowan College at Gloucester County, some of the group's most interesting investigations and what the future holds as they look to expand over the coming year. Paranormal news of the week includes a possible game changer from Area 51, waking up in a morgue, a true natural gas alternative to oil, are we all just looking through a complex version of the Oculus Rift, Doug explains Ghost Appraisals and more!!


RCGC Ghost Chasers


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BREAKING NEWS....The CDC has just announced that listening to this weeks ALL NEW Paradelphia could.....their words, not ours......COULD stave off the effects of the deadly Ebola virus that has to date killed less people than manhole covers and grilled cheese sandwiches. This week S&D Paranormal's Sara Lowell, Dawn Gibson & Julian Carroll stop by to talk all things ghost hunting, dowsing rods, EVPs and how Julian gets all choked up by his live in ghost. Paranormal news includes crazy clowns, fast food in space and possible proof that we're all just pawns in somone's PS4 game. Nicks ParaPick this week is a "keeper", JUMPS & Jerks news and more!!

S & D Paranormal Society


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Jay Wasley, head audio tech for Travel Channel's hit show Ghost Adventures drops by to talk about the challenges the GA crew face shooting at various locations, how sometimes your own body and intuition trumps even the best high tech investigative equipment, a life & death encounter with the Ouija Board and what projects his film production company, Sun House Films, has in the works. Paranormal news of the week includes a real life smallpox scare and a Siberian gateway to hell. Skeptic Mike & Jay in an old fashioned thrown down.........and much more!!

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Doug Hogate & Melissa Dark of Jersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society stop by to update the guys on recent J.U.M.P.S. investigations including a 300 year old Salem County residence with a history of terrorizing homeowners. Paranormal news of the week including Nazi monsters, precognative dreams and genetically altered babies. Skeptic Mike takes on J.U.M.P.S and more!!

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