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Author Ben Wolf may be a devoted, practicing Christian but that doesn't stop him from writing some kickass paranormal fiction. This week he stops by to talk about his vampire story Blood for Blood and other upcoming tales, how his religious beliefs fit into his writing and what other publishing services his company, Splickety Publishing, offers. Paranews includes stories about invisibility tech, a not so fun funhouse, consciousness in coma patients and more!


Ben Wolf - Splickety Publishing

Toxic Radio

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On the heels of getting a March 2015 Video-On-Demand distribution deal for his first feature film, Deadly Gamble, local writer/director/producer Mario Cerrito stops by to talk about his next project currently in pre-production, a horror film called The Listing. Para-News includes an update on the Baltic Sea "anomoly", near death visitations and how we may now be just a short step from living in the world envisioned in the movie Minority Report. Rick has a bone to pick with Doug over an undelivered message and even Toxic Mike stops by.....sort of. 


The Listing


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Stephen King, Clive Barker, Dean Koontz and many other staples of the horror genre were all influenced by the works of HP Lovecraft. This week we talk with Mike Davis, Editor In Chief of The Lovecraft Ezine about how modern day artists are taking Lovecraft's Cthulu Mythos to a whole other level and if, just maybe, his visions of old gods and alternate dimensions were more than just fantasy. Also, the best 2 sentence horror stories, Skeptic Mike goes for a three-peat and more!!

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