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Bright lights, tunnels leading to loved ones already passed, life reviews.......we've all heard tales of near death experiences and each one is fascinating. But, have you ever stopped to wonder why? Why that particular person had an NDE and others don't? Why you saw your grandmother instead of your favorite aunt, father or childhood pet? This week we're joined by Judie Turner and "Dawn", two local NDE experiencers as well as medium Jean Durkin. Together they shed some light on a possible explanation for they "why" questions surrounding near death experiences including another of Jean's "must listen" moments that has to heard to be believed! Paranews and more!


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Jean Durkin

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Near death experiences. Being saved from the bowels of Hell. These are the ultimate second chances and this week's guest is one of the fortunate few to have experienced both. Pastor Howard Storm stops by to talk about his book "My Descent Into Death" where he describes a near death experience he had almost 40 years ago where he first languished in Hell being tortured by demons but then was ultimately saved by a figure he recognized as Jesus Christ. What knowledge and insight did Pastor Storm bring back from the brink? Also, Paranews includes Russians questioning the US moon landing, mushroom clouds portending the start of World War III and more!!


Howard Storm

"My Descent Into Death" by Howard Storm

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Have we been here before? Do we carry our hope, dreams and soul mates from lifetime to lifetime? This week Michele Granberg, Director of The Center for Relaxation and Healing in Plainsboro (NJ) drops by to talk about reincarnation and discuss the recent past life regression sessions she did with host Rick Prewitt and his fiancée, Taryn Sobrado.  Paranews includes possible head transplants in the near future, alien life on the moons of Saturn and the Lost City of the Monkey God. Jean Durkin talks to Dr. Oz, Rick & Doug at the premier of "The Staring Man" and more!!
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Michele Granberg, Director for The Center for Relaxation and Healing at Plainsboro returns to discuss past life regression therapy and the results of her recent PLR workshop attended by Paradelphia's own Rick Prewitt. Michele also touches on different techniques employed by therapists to reach into the subconscious mind and find remnants of our past lives. Also, paranormal news of the week including Star Wars tech come to life, the nature of reality and why Mike won't be making many friends among AARP members. Rock for Paws around the corner, Stump Skeptic Mike and more!!

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"You only live once" or "YOLO" has recently become a popular catch phrase with the idea being to motivate ourselves and our loved ones to take chances and live our lives to the fullest because we only get one shot at experienceing the gift of life. But is that really the case? Michele Granberg, Director for The Center for Relaxation and Healing at Plainsboro says that we all have been here many times before. As a Level II Certified Past Life Regression Therapist Michele has regressed thousands of people back to lives lead decades or even centuries ago and she recently stopped by the Toxic Studios to talk to us about her research, case studies and more.

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