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Over the past year psychic medium Jean Durkin has been a great friend of our show, answering the call on multiple occasions to come on air and give us her unique perspective based on her abilty to touch the other side. The week it's actually Jean who requested airtime so that she might get a message out to all of our listeners. A message from the other side of hope, change and inspiration that affects every one of us. Also this week Paranews includes metal-head sharks, Facebook crossing a line and more!


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As Valentines Day approaches you can feel the love from the crew at Paradelphia as they give the gift of a LIVE BROADCAST featuring medium Jean Durkin doing another mind blowing in studio reading for a Paradelphia listener!! News of the week includes a woman who can't stop having NDE's, a humming noise driving people mad and Doug's disturbing tale of a murderous Ouija board. Nick "Parapicks" a Seth Rogan CGI comedy and much more!!

BREAKING NEWS: Both the Paradelphia & Toxic Radio apps are NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD on iTunes & Google Play!!



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In some families traits like hair color and attached earlobes are passed on from parent to child. This week we talk with Jean Durkin and her daughter Haley Cook who both possess the ability of psychic mediumship. Jean and Haley discuss what life is like when you can see and hear visitors from the other side and then give a live on-air reading to Paradelphia's contest winner Lindsay Cline. Nick's Para Pick is turning Japanese, Doug becomes a ghost appraiser and we flashback to an interview that was out of this world!

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On this SPECIAL EXTENDED episode Rhonda Berry, medium, psychic and reiki master talks about how her ability to see with her "third eye" has helped with everything from solving missing persons cases to paranormal investigations to pointing out life threatening medical conditions. Also, Doug Hogate, Jr of Jersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society stops by to discuss evidence collected during the team's investigation of the Gloucester County Jail that Paradelphia took part in back in late January/early February. Our paranormal investigation raffle winner is revealed, Stump Skeptic Mike and more!!

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