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"Although we've come to the end of the road.........."


And so we have. This, our 89th episode is also our last on Toxic Radio and we celebrate not only the end of another awesome year, not only the holiday season but also Toxic Radio itself. For 2 years we've grown along with Toxic Radio into a well established paranormal radio show and we couldn't be more grateful that Toxic Mike and his network gave us the platform from which to launch ourselves. But this show isn't only about goodbyes, it's also our annual Christmas themed show and that mean lots of Christmas paranormal news. From Krampus to the Belschnikle we go around the world and visit a host of creepy Yuletide creatures before coming back in for one last group hug with Toxic Mike himself.

Last but certainly not least we want to thank all of you....the listeners. Without all of your ears pointed in our direction we'd just be talking to ourselves and what fun would that be? So THANK YOU from the Paradelphia Crew and we wish you all the Happiest of Holidays and nothing but the best in 2016!!


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As the chill of fall turns to the cold of early winter the Paradelphia crew gathers to wax poetic about the latest paranormal news including how what comes out of black holes might be debris from other dimensions, a perpetual energy machine, how the US government poisoned Prohibition era booze and Doug explains his obsession with investigating Ft. Delaware.


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This week we welcome back Rachel Hoffman of Paranormal Xpeditions to discuss "Freetown", the group's award winning documentary on the mysterious tract of land in Massachusetts called the Freetown State Forest that seems to attract monsters, human and otherwise, as well as other projects the gals of PXP have cooking. Paranews includes pizza oven UFOs in the UK, new research into terminal lucidity, a wrap-up of the past month of live shows and more!!


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And the beat goes on.....this week we travel to the First State of Delaware to broadcast live, on location from Frightland. This combination carnival/haunted attraction has been in operation for almost 20 years and features ghastly prisons, ghostly barns and a manor house straight out of a Wes Craven nightmare. Kyle McMahon, marketing manager of Frightland stopped by to recount true tales of untimely death and hauntings on the property, the Crew celebrated "Back to the Future Day" with stories of time travel, a story of a ghost that helped convict her own killer and more!!



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Our Octoberfest On Location tour continues this week as we broadcast from Creamy Acres Farm's Night of Terror attraction in Mullica Hill, NJ. Joining us this week we have local film maker Mario Cerrito chatting about his upcoming thriller called The Listing about......let's just say it's about things you don't learn in real estate school. Also, psychic/medium Jean Durkin, author Desirae DePrince, reporter Kelly Roncace talks about a Devil of a story she had go viral last week, the Crew give real time reports of the haunted attractions, Paranews and more!!

(EDITORS NOTE: Some of the audio this week isn't of the best quality. These are the dangers of doing remote broadcasts. Our apologies to your earhole.)


Creamy Acres Farm/Night of Terror

Mario Cerrito

The Listing

Deadly Gamble

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Our first LIVE ON LOCATION show of the Halloween season takes us to Steakouts Homeplate in Pittsgrove, NJ. On a chilly night with screams from The Devil's Woods haunted attraction providing the background music the Paradelphia crew welcomes psychic medium Jean Durkin who discusses various types of hauntings including some personal experiences she's had in her own home. Paranews stories include a town of androgynous boys, a follow-up to an earlier story about an Eastern European sleeping sickness, the worlds best 2 sentence horror stories and more!!


Steakouts Homeplate/Devil's Woods

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After a week off we're back with a show dedicated to catching up on all the latest paranormal news stories of the week including melancholy peace seeking robots, the last person convicted under the Witchcraft Act of 1735, haunted dolls, a computer that predicts death, an update on last weeks joint JUMPS/Paradelphia investigation at Harper's Pub in Clementon, NJ and more!!

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For anyone who ever dreamed of donning a mask & cape and becoming a superhero this week's episode is for you! Batman, aka Johnny Crawford of Pennsville, NJ joins us to talk about how he got into the superhero business and how he and some buddies are living every kids dream by running Superheroes 4 Hire, where the average Joe can call and order up Batman, Captain America.....even Super Villians to appear at special events and charities all over the Delaware Valley. Paranews this week includes stories of a bionic penis, how the Berenstien (or is it Berenstain) Bears might just prove parallel universes exist, Rick & Jen just might be alien hybrids and more!!


Superheroes 4 Hire

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This week we're all about Toxic Radio's new IndieGoGo fund raising much so that Jennabee just can't stop singing Wham! songs in studio (trust me, it's worth listening just for that alone!). But not to be outdone by the vocal sylings of Jennabee channeling George Michael the guys talk all manner of paranews stories including grave robbing relatives, ghost planes, high strangness on Mt Shasta, possible life on Mars and more!

On a serious note.....Toxic Radio is, in fact, running an Indiegogo campaign. If you like shows like Paradelphia, Grimm Radio, The Takeover with Whitney Peyton and all the content that Toxic Radio provides please consider following the link below and donating to the cause. Any and all help is needed and greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!!


Toxic Radio Indiegogo Page

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On the heels of a monster summer storm this week, after our scheduled guest went MIA, we run an audible and do a classic show filled with Paranews including a bridge where dogs commit suicide, pyramids on Mars, a house stalker in North Jersey, ball cutter fish, creepy burials, haunted eBay items and Doug recounts his experience being struck by lightening. JUMPS news, more evidence Rick's house is haunted and more!!


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