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On the heels of The Great Philadephia Comic Con and with Toxic Mike filling in for a convalecing Doug this week we talk with Stan Konopka, owner/operator of Nemesis Studios about his paranormally themed comics and graphic novels. Stan also relates some personal paranormal experiences that inspired some of the creativity in his stories. Paranews includes a possibly moldy explanation for ghost sightings, NASA has a bold prediction, a Russian Bigfoot, an update on our story about head transplants and more!!


Nemesis Studios


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This week Rick, Doug and special in-studio guest, medium Jean Durkin explore the roots of Paradelphia with tales of strange happenings in and around the Philadelphia/South Jersey area. Items discussed include the Blue Hole in Atco, hauntings in Eastern State Penitentiary and Fort Delaware (Doug's white whale!), the mystery of Catawba village and more! Jean also wows listeners with impromptu readings both personal and about some of the local haunts. Paranews includes a strange video that went viral last week that might just prove life after death, why it wasn't a good idea to eavesdrop during the Middle Ages and the story of how one woman cured a host of diseases and didn't even know it.


Jean Durkin


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Ben Hansen, former FBI agent and lead investigator on Syfy Channel's "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" joins us to talk about one of the most unique shows dealing with the field of the paranormal to come along over the past 10 years as well as his take on topics such as UFO's and Bigfoot. Also, this week we are joined in studio by members of Team Underdog from The Takeover with Whitney Peyton. A rising star in the rap music scene, Whitney and her co-hosts Garbriella Meghan and AMac riff along w/ Rick and Doug on topics like selling haunted objects online, mysterious disappearances, the government coming clean (sort of) on hidden UFO files, the Top 10 misconceptions of ancient Egypt and more!!


Ben Hansen

Whitney Peyton


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The guys wrap up January with news about a liar who'll now never get into heaven, mysterious alien signals, a déjà vu time loop and NASA finding a Beagle on Mars. Nicks Parapick is served with chianti and farva beans, a new show segment and more!!



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The guys tackle the latest paranormal news topic including a new Y2K like threat, why Seattle stinks....literally and the story of a man trapped for 12 years in his own mind. Nick's Parapick takes us back to a classic sci-fi series that might be making a comeback, the latest JUMPS investigation and more!!

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The new year kicks off with Rick and Doug welcoming back Nick "Parapick" Abrams as well as Doug's lovely wife, Melissa discussing near death experiences, personal ghostly encounters, time travelers, some of the biggest mysteries of the past year. Rick makes this weeks Parapick, a recent JUMPS/Jean Durkin investigation and more!!



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For the final episode of 2014 Rick & Doug discuss a multitude of topics including a new take on reincarnation, a mystery involving Richard Simmons and possibly Paradelphia's own Nick Abrams, the truth behind a Dicken's holiday classic, freaky Christmas monsters of Europe, medium Jean Durkin does it again and.......wait for it...........wait for it............the return of TOXIC SKEPTIC MIKE to Paradelphia (spoiler: he's still a skeptic). Nick phones in his weekly ParaPick (literally) and much more!!



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For the first time in over a month the whole Paradelphia crew is in the house as Nick Abrams returns with a "dark" Para-Pick and a story about stolen brains. The gang also discusses mind reading menus, overly religious near death experiences and the truth behind some of the world's best known fairy tales. JUMPS stuffs a bus and much more!!


Jersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society

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Robert Schneck, contributor to Fate Magazine, Fortean Times and author of The President's Vampire and Mrs. Wakeman vs the Antichrist stops by to talk about   strange and bizarre true life stories from American history including crazy 19th century prophets, elusive figures terrorizing the city of Baltimore, a possible origin for Bram Stoker's Dracula, autodecapitants and much more!! Flying solo this week Rick reads the paranormal news of the week and a big change for the Toxic Network.


The President's Vampire

Mrs. Wakeman vs the Antichrist

Historian of the Strange (Facebook)


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Paradelphia REBOOTS this week as Toxic Mike has gone to graze in other pastures. Joining the show are JUMPS founder Doug Hogate and "Jerk" Nick Abrams. Hogate and Abrams pop thier Para-cherry this week by co-hosting a show dedicated to recent strange news stories including a woman with half a brain, human flesh burgers and Chinese parents giving thier life's blood to help our their underacheiving kids. Nick debuts his new (as yet un-named) segment where he tells us all about the supernatural in pop culture and media. First up........a review of George C. Scott's 1980 chiller "The Changling". 

News of Paradelphia's upcoming 1 year anniversary, JUMPS & Jerks updates and much more!!



Toxic Network


Joystick Jerks

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