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Doug Hogate, Kelly Roncace and Mellie DeVault from Jersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society (J.U.M.P.S.) sit in with the guys to talk all things strange and supernatural including Stonehenge, drug paraphernalia of the ancients and computer enhanced telepathy. Also, a startling revelation from a Paradelphia show regular, Skeptic Mike takes on all comers in this weeks paranormal news headline throwdown and more!!!

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Rick and Toxic Mike discuss the HOTTEST PARANORMAL NEWS of the week including a bizarre proclamation from Chile, a shadow figure on the moon, Haitian zombies and water that flows uphill. The guys open the show by touching on Robin Williams untimely death and introduce a brand new show ready to premier on Toxic Network called Buried Alive!! Skeptic Mike tries to get off the schnied and much more!!


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The guys are back with this weeks HOT paranormal news including cryptids of the Carribbean, spontaneous human combustion, sex in the afterlife and more!!

Will Skeptic Mike break his LOSING STREAK? Did Rick and members of the J.U.M.P.S. team ever find the old chapel in the woods during their first Legend Trip? What's the latest on the long awaited launch of the Paradelphia website? The answers to these questions and MORE are coming at you in this weeks episode!!

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First there was Double Dutch......then the Doublemint Twins........and now you have this weeks episode in which Rick & Toxic (Monkey) Mike bring you the hottest paranormal news of the week with twice the fun, twice the thrills and twice the chills as they explore doppelgangers, a mysterious city of twins, Seahenge 2, Skeptic Mike tries for his second winner in 2 months and much more!!

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All dressed up for a BRAND NEW episode!! Rick & Mike explore the hottest paranormal news stories of the week including how the moon was formed, Alaska's bigfoot, giant killer sea creatures and sounds from the bowels of hell!! A new, interactive twist on Stump Skeptic Mike, plans for our Halloween show and more!!

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GUESTS!!! WE HAVE GUESTS!! Due to a cosmic turn of events the guys are joined this week by Toxic Network's own Dave "Full Nelson" Nelson and Desirae DePrince. Together our heroes and heroine (not the drug, you idiot!) tackle subjects including (but not limited to) a real life "Blair Witch", America's answer to Stonehenge, the nature of consciousness and how watching Nic Cage movies could be hazardous to your health (as if you didn't already know that!). Stump Skeptic Mike BELATED MOTHER'S DAY EDITION, Potty Mouth Des talks about her creepy original fiction stories and more!!

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After a 2 week hiatus the guys are BACK with para news coverage of phantom smoke rings, pregnant planets, djinn trees, Skeptic Mike's streak, JUMPS in Gettysburg and more!!

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Special guest D.J. Ruban, the newest and interestingly also the oldest member of the Toxic Network family stops by to talk Malaysian Airlines conspiracy and promote his upcoming sports talk show. Doug Hogate of Jersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society gives a quick preview of the evidence collected last weekend at Old Stone House Village and reveals The JUMPS Challenge, a upcoming paranormal investigation contest open to the general public, movie news, night vision contacts, Stump Skeptic Mike goes for four in a row and more!!

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The guys peruse the interwebs and discuss strange happenings and news items from the past week including UFO's in Vineland, NJ, demonic children, genetic testing for newborns and just what type of universe we're living in. Stump Skeptic Mike, JUMPS pubishes evidence from thier Clayton, NJ investigation and more!!

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From transhumanism to pre-Columbian civilizations to Fifty Shades of Bigfoot, the guys discuss the biggest paranormal news stories of the past week. Stump Skeptic Mike and more!

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