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Author Ben Wolf may be a devoted, practicing Christian but that doesn't stop him from writing some kickass paranormal fiction. This week he stops by to talk about his vampire story Blood for Blood and other upcoming tales, how his religious beliefs fit into his writing and what other publishing services his company, Splickety Publishing, offers. Paranews includes stories about invisibility tech, a not so fun funhouse, consciousness in coma patients and more!


Ben Wolf - Splickety Publishing

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After a week off we're back with a show dedicated to catching up on all the latest paranormal news stories of the week including melancholy peace seeking robots, the last person convicted under the Witchcraft Act of 1735, haunted dolls, a computer that predicts death, an update on last weeks joint JUMPS/Paradelphia investigation at Harper's Pub in Clementon, NJ and more!!

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For anyone who ever dreamed of donning a mask & cape and becoming a superhero this week's episode is for you! Batman, aka Johnny Crawford of Pennsville, NJ joins us to talk about how he got into the superhero business and how he and some buddies are living every kids dream by running Superheroes 4 Hire, where the average Joe can call and order up Batman, Captain America.....even Super Villians to appear at special events and charities all over the Delaware Valley. Paranews this week includes stories of a bionic penis, how the Berenstien (or is it Berenstain) Bears might just prove parallel universes exist, Rick & Jen just might be alien hybrids and more!!


Superheroes 4 Hire

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This week we're all about Toxic Radio's new IndieGoGo fund raising much so that Jennabee just can't stop singing Wham! songs in studio (trust me, it's worth listening just for that alone!). But not to be outdone by the vocal sylings of Jennabee channeling George Michael the guys talk all manner of paranews stories including grave robbing relatives, ghost planes, high strangness on Mt Shasta, possible life on Mars and more!

On a serious note.....Toxic Radio is, in fact, running an Indiegogo campaign. If you like shows like Paradelphia, Grimm Radio, The Takeover with Whitney Peyton and all the content that Toxic Radio provides please consider following the link below and donating to the cause. Any and all help is needed and greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!!


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This week we pull out our philosophical hats and delve into the deep end of the human psyche as the guys and Jennabee welcome Kelly Roncace, Mellie DeVault and Rick's finacee Taryn Sobrado back in studio to discuss scenarios from the book "The Pig That Wants To Be Eaten". Topics ranging from how we as people view different beliefs to whether cybersex constitutes cheating this show promises to be full of things that make you go "hmmmm..." Paranews, announcements of some exciting upcoming live events and more!


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"The Pig That Wants to be Eaten" by Julian Baggini

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Bright lights, tunnels leading to loved ones already passed, life reviews.......we've all heard tales of near death experiences and each one is fascinating. But, have you ever stopped to wonder why? Why that particular person had an NDE and others don't? Why you saw your grandmother instead of your favorite aunt, father or childhood pet? This week we're joined by Judie Turner and "Dawn", two local NDE experiencers as well as medium Jean Durkin. Together they shed some light on a possible explanation for they "why" questions surrounding near death experiences including another of Jean's "must listen" moments that has to heard to be believed! Paranews and more!


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Jean Durkin

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This week we're all about controversy. From wild news stories involving sex with Bigfoot and the reincarnation of Jesus to conspiracy theories about the moon landings, mysterious satellites and Ft. Knox the guys keep the insanity coming in one of our craziest episodes ever. Paranews and more!!


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Over the past year psychic medium Jean Durkin has been a great friend of our show, answering the call on multiple occasions to come on air and give us her unique perspective based on her abilty to touch the other side. The week it's actually Jean who requested airtime so that she might get a message out to all of our listeners. A message from the other side of hope, change and inspiration that affects every one of us. Also this week Paranews includes metal-head sharks, Facebook crossing a line and more!


Jean Durking Facebook page

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This week we're joined by Michael Menkin, webmaster of two websites dedicated to informing the public of the ever present threat of alien abduction. According to Menkin the nefarious ET's use telepathy before, during and after these abductions to control thier victims. The good news is that you can make yourself immune to these alien brainwaves by creating your own "thought screen helmet" as described on his "Stop Abductions" website. Paranews this week includes a possible real life Creature of the Black Lagoon, more evidence we're all living in a computer simulation and more!! 

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The materialistic world view has taken quite a few hits recently and this week Rachel Hoffman (Paranormal Xpeditions) returns to take it down another peg as she explains the 100th Monkey Effect and how it just might prove the existence of the collective unconscious. Doug discusses his recent investigation at the home of Toxic Radio personalities Whitney Peyton and Gabriella Meghan. Paranews includes stories of Lady Gaga hiring personal demonologist, robot weddings, a Mississippi ghost hunting crew finds more than they bargained for, an announcement of a huge addition to the Toxic Radio family and more!!


Paranormal Xpeditions

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Whitney Peyton



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